This apprenticeship is an exciting opportunity to learn the different unique Elemental flow styles we teach at Align Divine Yoga. We are calling in already 200hr yoga teachers who feel excited to continue to help others pursue their divine and evolutionary purpose!

Meeting Every Wednesday Evening
In March from 6-8pm at Align Divine Yoga
Plus Three Additional Hour Long Online Sessions
with Carla Samson and Kallie England! 

Align Divine Yoga is a unique system of practice that draws the practitioner into deeper states of awareness around setting intention and using the body as a vessel for the Divine to flow through. Embodiment, Meditation, and Pranayama techniques will all be taught in this apprenticeship, but the focus will be on the sequencing and how to draw a deep meaningful experience out of a yoga class. We have a focus on flowing movements that involve more autonomy and self expression. The teacher looks to invoke the beauty and grace and creativity of the moment to amplify creative lifeforce energy within practitioners.


Align Divine Yoga is a practice that balances the mind body and spirit to circulate dense physical matter into light spiritual awareness with breath, movement, and sound. 

We are beings of great potential, we are here to thrive, to lift our spirits and remember who we truly are.  First we must know the self, so we begin where we are.  With love and devotion combined with inner strength and discipline, we shall rise in our unified conscious evolution. 

From the beginning of human culture, we have gathered in community to align us with the rhythms of the earth, to create relationship with Spirit, and to navigate the constant process of transformation, dancing around the wheel of time, flowing from one cycle to the next in connection and continuity. When human beings gather, it inspires us, delightfully, to be more hopeful, more joyful, more thoughtful, and more alive. 

We build community, to honor one another’s process, to heal ourselves, to share our gifts with others and ultimately be a beneficial presence on the planet.