Important Announcement!

We are very excited to announce that founder of Align Divine Yoga, Carla Samson and her beloved Scott Van Sice will be getting married on November 17th, 2017.  This initiation into the next phase of partnership, companionship, and love is so exciting and beautiful! They are so grateful for the deep support they have gotten from this community, and want to thank each of you from the bottom of their hearts for your love!
With that being said, The Studio will be closed from Friday November 17th to Friday November 24th. Please note, that if you have a month unlimited membership at the studio, your membership will be put on hold that week and you will receive an additional week at the studio when your month expires!

~Studio will be closed Friday November 17th to Thursday November 23rd, classes resume Friday November 24th~

Join us in celebration of love and giving thanks the evening of November 24th at our Monthly Cacao Ceremony!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Looking forward to connecting with you soon!
In Love and Gratitude

Evening classes cancele 11/6/2017


Align Divine Yoga is a practice that balances the mind body and spirit to circulate dense physical matter into light spiritual awareness with breath, movement, and sound. 

We are beings of great potential, we are here to thrive, to lift our spirits and remember who we truly are.  First we must know the self, so we begin where we are.  With love and devotion combined with inner strength and discipline, we shall rise in our unified conscious evolution. 

From the beginning of human culture, we have gathered in community to align us with the rhythms of the earth, to create relationship with Spirit, and to navigate the constant process of transformation, dancing around the wheel of time, flowing from one cycle to the next in connection and continuity. When human beings gather, it inspires us, delightfully, to be more hopeful, more joyful, more thoughtful, and more alive. 

We build community, to honor one another’s process, to heal ourselves, to share our gifts with others and ultimately be a beneficial presence on the planet.